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Ghoul Dagger

The Ghoul Touch Dagger was created by a dark priesthood devoted to death (some think The Unnamed One others say Naraska).  Whatever its origin, the dagger has an aura of evil about it that can be felt by any wielding it.  Upon a successful Critical Strike or Sneak Attack, the character struck by the dagger must succeed at a Will save (DC 19) or be paralyzed as if they were the subject of a ghouls attack.  Elves are immune to this special function of the dagger.  

Anyone slain by the dagger (everyone, not just those subject to the paralysis) will rise as a ghoul in 24 hours.  Ghouls created in this manner are always loyal to the wielder of the dagger as if he were an evil priest commanding them.  If the dagger changes hands, or a cleric takes command of them, the command effect is dispelled.

Cost:  145,000 gp.

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