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Mygar's Fist

Mygar was a dwarven hero who fought giants and specters in the frozen mountains of the north.  One day, while defending a small settlement he was slain by a flight of Chimera.  During the battle, Mygar laid waste to the flight and managed to drive them away but the wounds he suffered proved too much for the healers.  His remains were placed atop a cairn and immolated.  

His hammer was lost for several generations but always seemed to resurface when small communities of dwarves faced annihilation.  The last to wield the hammer was Eranok Coppercast, a dwarven miner who supposedly found the hammer while exploring the village mines.  He died defending the village from attack by Bugbear hoards but managed to slay enough of the creatures to drive them away and save most of the populace.  Mysteriously, the hammer disappeared from the battlefield and searchers have found no trace of it.

Mygar's Fist is a large war hammer that has the Ghost Touch, Thundering, and Giant Bane properties.  It acts as a +4 weapon that does 1d10 points of damage.  Only dwarves can wield the weapon, all other races who lay hands upon the weapon suffer -1 effective levels and can only wield it as a +1 weapon.  The hammer appears to be inhabited by the spirit of Mygar and it could turn up anywhere where dwarves are threatened.  Possession of the hammer is a double edged sword due to the fact that every wielder has died.  Some believe that the hammer is cursed and places a geas upon its wielder that forces him to protect all dwarves nearby.  The same curse also "arranges" for the wielder to be slain when the threat is defeated.

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