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Quill of Scribing

This magical quill was created by a studious priest of Ganesha. When the Quill is used to scribe magical spells (either on a scroll of in a spellbook), the cost of the procedure is halved.  The Quill doesn't effect the experience spent for creating scrolls but it cuts the gold spent and the time by one half.  The cost is still calculated normally for the experience spent to create scrolls and such.  If used to copy spells in a spellbook, the Quill adds a +2 competency bonus to the spellcraft check.  The Quill cannot aid in magical research and all costs are normal weather the Quill is used or not.

A strange drawback of the Quills usage is that spells cast from scrolls prepared by the Quill in the construction of other magic items add 10% to the cost of the resulting item.  This means that a character using a scroll of Fireball prepared with the Quill to make a Wand of Fireball would have to pay 6,188 gp instead of 5,625 gp.

Cost:  65,000 gp.

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