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Ring of Valis

The Legendary Rings of Valis were created by the nobility of Valislad to aid them in their battles.  Each ring functions as a Ring of Wizardry I, II, III, and IV combined.  The rings also have the Protection ability and grant a +6 deflection bonus.  There were only 16 Rings of Valis created by the rulers of Valislad.  Each of the noble houses were granted one ring.  After the Cataclysm and the advent of the Veil, the rings were lost to the world.

Only the whereabouts of one ring is known.  Lord Dracten Koelar holds one of the rings, a gift to him from his Grey Elf subjects. It is also rumored that the wearer of the ring will never age as long as he holds the ring.  The truth of this is unknown but with Dracten's advanced age, sages search for the other 15 rings.

Cost: 500,000 gp.

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