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Solovix's Vest

Created by Solovix of the Eye, a priest of Vusha who died recently opposing the Magehunters of Yarr.  The vest was "collected" by Daenar Darkwalker, the Master Hunter of the Colony.  It is believe that he has retained the vest and uses it in his hunt for other artifacts.  The vest was created by Solovix the aid him in fighting the Magehunters, it granted him several abilities and made him capable of evading their search attempts.  

The vest grants its wearer Spell Resistance (22), a constant Freedom of Movement effect, and a Non-Detection effect.  This item is considered a holy vestment as it was empowered by the will of Vusha.  Anyone who is not a follower of the deity gains two negative levels while wearing the vest and gain no benefit from it's abilities.

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