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Soul Blade

These weapons are wielded by Ulan's Mord Wraiths in their search for lost souls throughout the Shadow World. Every Mord Wraith possesses one of these divine weapons. If someone can enter the Shadow World and confront a Mord Wraith, they have a chance to steal the sword should they be able to defeat the creature. Throughout history, tales of creative mages invading the Shadow World and absconding with one of these prized blades is the subject of epic tales.

Formed in the image of a silver greatsword, these blades are terrifying weapons. In battle, these weapons are +3 Undead Bane, Ghost Touch weapons that do 2d8 base damage. The most feared ability of these blades are their ability to Trap the Soul upon a critical hit. This is the method the Mord Wraiths use to transport recalcitrant souls back to Ulan's keep deep within the Shadow World.

Anyone who manages to capture a Soul Blade must be on constant alert. Ulan tends to send Mord Wraiths into Traykon to reclaim these weapons. Whoever is in possession of the blade must face the wrath of a very angry Mord Wraith. Should the theif die, their soul is subjected to eternal torment. Tales exist of powerful warlocks who became lichs to evade their ultimate punishment.

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