Blackadder's Codex

     Appearance: This book is about 14 inches long, and 8 inches wide. It's cover is made of black dragon leather. On it is inscribed a symbol which depicts a small black snake, coiled around the blade of a dagger. It's pages are made of pure white paper.

     History and Description: The spells in this book were created by the mage Blackadder, ruler of the town of Alliance until somewhere around the time of the Great Invasion. Blackadder had been offered safety by servants of the god Tahl for past work he had done, but he refused, citing his people's need.

     Uncertain of his own future and safety, Blackadder secreted away his most personal possessions in a mountain retreat given to him by the gold dragon Pyrite. It is assumed that the Codex was placed there as well. 

Mnemonic Implant
Level 4, Enchantment/Charm
Components:V, S 
Casting Time:1 action 
Area of Effect:One person or creature 
Saving Throw:Will Negates 

     This spell is similar to the second level forget spell, except that it allows for the altering of the subject's specific memories.
     The first application of this spell allows the mage to extract specific memories from the subject's mind. One minor memory (amount of money in purse, home address, etc.) can be stripped for every two levels of the caster. Major memories (i.e. the subject's name, character class, even full identity) are stronger, and only one can be stripped for every four levels of the caster.
     The second application of this spell allows the caster to implant specific memories in the subject's mind. These memories can replace those taken, or even contradict previously existing memories.
     The target is allowed an initial saving throw to avoid the effects of this spell. A priest's heal or restoration spell, if cast specifically for this purpose, will restore the lost memories and destroy the false memories, as will a limited wish or wish, or psychic surgery, but no other means will do so. 

Wound Transference
Level 5, Necromantic
Components:V, S 
Casting Time:1 action 
Area of Effect:One creature and the spellcaster 
Saving Throw:Fort Negates 

     This spell allows for the transference of damage from one character to the caster. This spell allows the caster to absorb damage done to another character, healing the recipient and transferring the hit points damage to caster (at a ratio of 1:1).
     The spell will balk if the caster attempts to transfer more damage than his current hit point total. It will still transfer damage, but only until the caster is down to one hit point (e.g. Bare, the fighter, has taken 54 hit points damage in a battle, leaving him with 17. Oyez, the mage, casts wound transference, in order to heal Bare. However, Oyez has only 27 hit points. He can transfer 26 hit points of damage from Bare to himself, leaving himself with 1 hit point, and healing 26 hit points of damage to Bare.) 

Level 6, Necromantic
Components:V, S 
Casting Time:1 round 
Area of Effect:One deceased creature 
Saving Throw:None 

     With this spell, a caster may cause the spirit of a dead humanoid to reanimate it's body, allowing it to behave as if he were alive. When reanimated, the subject has full hit points, and full access to whatever abilities were possessed before death. The caster can reanimate any humanoid who has been dead for less than one year per level of the caster.
     Unfortunately, the creature is still technically dead. It is cold to the touch, blood does not flow, etc. The creature has no need to eat, sleep, or drink. Because the creature is still dead, the body will begin to decompose, creating a less than pleasant odor.
     The greatest drawback of reanimate is that the subject is still technically dead (treat as undead of a level of the subject's hit die for turning purposes). Every day after his death, the character loses 1d3 points from his Strength, Dexterity, Constitution and Charisma totals. When any of these attributes drop to zero, the character is permanently dead, and cannot be resurrected by any means short of a wish, or the direct intervention of a deity. 

Lock Shapechange
Level 7, Alteration
Range:10 yards/level 
Components:V, S 
Duration1 turn per level 
Casting Time:1 action
Area of Effect:One creature 
Saving Throw:Negates 

     This spell allows the mage to temporarily suspend the shapechanging abilities of one creature, unless a saving throw vs. spells is made. For instance, if cast upon a werewolf, it would lock the creature into the form it was in when the spell was cast. It works against any creature or humanoid with shapechanging abilities, such as werewolves, dragons, dopplegangers, or magical spells (i.e. polymorph self, polymorph other, shape change, massmorph, etc.).
     The victim is locked into the shape or form he is in when the spell is cast. The spell is ineffective on a creature who is already in the act of changing from one form to another, but remains active, affecting the creature once it's change is complete.
     If the victim is in a shape which transcends kingdoms (i.e. a human who is under a polymorph any object and is now a chair, or a recipient of the clerical massmorph spell), he must make a Will save with a -2 penalty. 

Object Contingency
Level 7, Evocation
Components:V, S, M 
Casting Time:1 round 
Area of Effect:1 cubic foot per level 
Saving Throw:None 

     This spell is similar to the 6th level mage spell contingency, except that it affects inanimate objects only. The spell is cast upon an object not exceeding 1' cube/level of caster, followed by one spell (spell level determined by caster level, as per the 6th level contingency spell ) which will be triggered when the conditions described in the casting are met.
     For instance, object contingency could be cast upon a wizard locked door, with the intent to re-wizard lock the door should the spell be circumvented with a knock spell. Note that the conditions must be specific: the contingency could be triggered if the wizard lock is broken by spell, but not if the door was physically battered down. Any one object can have only one object contingency in place at one time.
      Unlike the 6th level contingency spell, this spell can be cast in conjunction with both attack and defensive spells (but the accompanying spell must be of 6th level or less). This spell lasts until the conditions are met, and the contingency is triggered.
     The material component of this spell is a small, wooden scale model (at least one inch tall) of the object to be warded, which is consumed in the casting. The model need not be of high quality or expensive materials, but it must be hand crafted by the caster. 

Blackadder's Mystical Forwarding
Level 8, Alteration
Range:10 yards 
Components:V, S, M 
Duration1 week per level of caster 
Casting Time:10 minutes 
Area of Effect:100 cubic feet per level 
Saving Throw:None 

     This powerful spell wards a specific area against intrusion from teleporting individuals. When cast, the spell causes a redirection of magical energies, in such a way that a teleport, dimension door, or teleport without error spell is confused as to the destination.
      The teleporting mage or creature is sent to one of two possible places (decided at the time of the casting of the forwarding). First, he can be sent back to his original location (where he was when the teleport was cast). The second possibility is much more devious. The intruding mage is instantly teleported to a random location, somewhere on the planet. This can be literally anywhere, on a deserted island in the middle of an ocean, atop a high mountain, in the middle of a large city, or even deep inside a cave or dungeon (although the destination cannot be a solid object).
     In any case, no saving throw is possible, except in the case of the teleport without error spell (this spell allows the mage a Will save with a -5 penalty. Failure indicates that the mage is sent to the location decided by the caster of Blackadder's mystical forwarding, and success indicating that the teleporting mage is sent back to his starting position, regardless of the location determined by the spell. 

Blackadder's Mental Snare
Level 8, Evocation
Components:V, S 
Duration1 day per level of caster 
Casting Time:1 round 
Area of Effect:The caster
Saving Throw:Special 

     This spell fends off spells which enter the mind of the protected mage. It can ward against spells such as charm, ESP, telepathy, hypnotism, forget, scare, etc., or even possessing spirits and magic jar attacks. This spell sets a trap for anyone who tries to violate the caster's mind, by attacking the invaders intelligence. The attacker, now turned victim, suffers a loss of 1d3 intelligence points (curable by a heal, restoration, limited wish or wish), unless he succeeds in a modified Will save. Regardless of the success or failure of this save, the invader is stunned for 1d6 rounds (no save).
     The penalty to the saving throw is determined by comparing the attacker's intelligence to the defender's. If the attacker's intelligence is less, then he saves with a penalty equal to the differences in intelligence modifiers. If the attacker's intelligence is greater, he makes his save with a bonus equal to that difference.
     For instance, if Garnet, a mage with an Intelligence of 16, attempts to charm Teres, a mage with an Intelligence of 18, who is protected by Blackadder's mental snare, then Garnet must make a Will save with a -1 penalty (4 - 3 = 1).
     The spell remains in effect for the it's duration, or until sprung, whichever is less, then must be recast in order for the mage to remain protected. This spell takes effect only if the caster has been mentally attacked against his will. For instance, if the caster consents to the casting of a know alignment spell on himself, the mental snare is not triggered.
     Any spell which affects the caster's mind, and is not authorized by the caster, will trigger the snare. 

(c) 1997 by Garry J. Sled

I have made just minor changes to the spells in converting them over to 3rd Edition.  Otherwise, this file is unchanged from how I recieved it.