Cursed Items

To refuse ownership of these cursed items the player must roll a Will save (DC 20). If ten out-of-character-alignment acts are committed -- DM should force an alignment change (see Alignment Checker). If so, the now evil character will leave the item to be picked up by some one else. All saving throws are Will saves. 

  1. Wooden Doll: The doll talks to its owner, encouraging him/her to commit evil acts. If the owner consents (saving throw required), the doll can help perform the acts through the use of telekinesis-like powers. Doll will encourage evils acts once per day.
  2. The Quill Pen: Anything evil written with the pen (John will die) happens. (Victim saving throw required). The Quill Pen can be used once per week.  Treat written messages as a Wish spell.
  3. Cupid Statuette: The statuette will cause anyone to fall in lust (not love) with the owner. The owner must kill the victim after they have sex. (Victims saving throw required).
  4. Teacup: When the victim drinks from the cup, the cup kills him and makes the owner younger (giving the player character +6 to charisma). The additional youth only lasts for a day or so. Then the owner must subtract -1 from charisma for each day the cup is not used. A zero charisma equal sudden death for the players character. (Victims saving throw required).
  5. Scalpel: When used in an operation, the scalpel will cure hopeless cases. The scalpel will also cut through anything (metal, stone, etc.). The owner must recharge the scalpel by killing people with it.
  6. Glove: The glove miraculously heals any disease or injury when the owner touches it to the ill person. The disease is transferred into the glove and magnified; it must soon be transferred (again by touch) to another, who dies. If the disease is not transferred within 24 hours, it kills the owner. (Victims saving throw required).
  7. Cape: The cape makes its owner irresistible to women, and turns him into a vampire (see MM page 221). If the owner removes the cape, he instantly becomes old and withered; replacing the cape restores him. (no saving throw).
  8. Lantern: When shone on a shipwreck, the lantern uncovers buried treasure. After each such use the lantern must be shone on the diver who brought up the treasure, who burns to death. (Victim[s] saving throw required).
  9. Tattoo Needles: The owner tattoos the victim using the needles (which also give tattooing skill). Later, the owner has good luck while gambling, and the tattoo comes to life and kills the victim. (Victims saving throw required).
  10. Trephinator: This device was built by a Gnome who thought intelligence could be transferred via cerebro-spinal fluid; the curse makes it work. The person who is drained dies of severe brain damage, while the owner gains +1 to intelligence and memories and some personality traits.
  11. Quilt: The owner of the quilt can dream whatever they want while sleeping under it, but some other person (chosen by the owner) experiences the dream as a nightmare and is killed by it. The chosen victim is forced asleep when the owner begins dreaming. (Victims saving throw required).
  12. Foghorn: Sounding the foghorn summons the ghost of a pirate captain who died when his crew mutinied. The ghost will trade gold coins and precious jewels for the bodies of any of the crew's descendants.
  13. Pipe: Lighting the pipe produces a cloud of smoke which will seek out and kill the victim (the smoker) by asphyxiation. If the victim runs, the smoke will follow; it can ooze through the smallest cracks. After the victim dies, both body and smoke disappear. (Victims saving throw required).
  14. Amulet: The amulet brings forth a ghost that takes material form until the next sunrise. Once per owner.
  15. Cross: Utterly destroys undead -- provided the owner kills someone else with a good alignment with the cross within 24 hours. Otherwise the undead returns to hunt down the owner. The cross will not work twice on the same undead.
  16. Ivory Cameo: Holds the soul of a dead person, which can be released (reviving the dead person) by the owner killing another.