Shadow Domain

Granted Power:  The priest gains the extraordinary ability to manipulate shadows.  When in an area of at least light shadows, the priest may make a Hide attempt even when being watched.  The priest also gains a +10 bonus to the Hide skill when in areas of shadow.  Hide is a class skill.

1. SanctuaryOpponents can't attack you and you can't attack.
2. Darkness20-ft. radius of supernatural darkness.
3. Deeper DarknessObject sheds absolute darkness 60-ft radius.
4. Shadow ConjurationMimics conjuring below 4th level.
5. Shadow EvocationMimics evocation below 5th level.
6. EtherealnessTravel to Ethereal Plane with friends.
7. Shadow WalkStep into shadow to travel rapidly.
8. ScreenIllusion hides area from vision, scrying.
9. Astral ProjectionProjects you and friends into the astral plane.

NOTE: This is an original domain created for Traykon.