New Spells

The following spells are generic spells that may be encountered in any campaign world.  They have been created by mages of ancient time and are rare today.  A player may luck out and find these spells in an enemies spellbook, written on a scroll, or they may be researched.  Some of these spells are arcane and divine in nature.  Players should check with their DM's before selecting any of these spells.  Also, new spells that players create have been placed here since they have begun to be dispersed throughout the spellcasting community.

Name Level Description
Arcane Missile 0
An arcane Cantrip.  This bolt unerringly strikes it's target but does little damage.
Call Mephit 2 or 4
This mid level summoning spells can summon an extra planar companion.
Done Equipment 3
Ever needed a precious item and left it in your tower?  This spell allows you to retrieve items from a distance.
Fraylee's Automaton 0
Children will delight as you make a bundle of sticks and clay dance for them!
Ignite 0 Ever want to start a fire and not have a tindertwig handy?
Power Missile 3
Basically, this is a upped up version of Magic Missile.
Premonition 5
Target sees his own death.  This is a spell only evil or neutral spellcasters would use.
Storm of Wrath EPIC
Storm of Wrath is nature's vengeance upon those that displease her or her minions.