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This page is dedicated to online generators offered by various web authors.  If you know of a good online generator that I do not have listed here, then by all means email it to me so I may get it indexed on my next update.
Wizards of the Coast
Automatic Dice Roller  
Encounter Level Calculator
Instant Tavern Generator  
Character Name Generator  
NPC Background Generator  
Adventure Hook Generator  
Generate 1 Million Magic Items!
Alignment Test   
Dragon Generator - Local
RPG Host
Hero Generator
Dungeon Generator
Dice Server

MMS Online
Metal Weights Calculator - Ever wonder how much a Silver Staff weighs?

Miscellaneous Name Generators
Random Name Generator Based on US Census Data Generic Fantasy Name Generator (Funny names too)
Historical, Regional, and Fantasy Names all in one! Middle Earth Name Generator
Baby Names and Meanings (Advanced Search is interesting) Selectable Fantasy Name Generator
Yahoo's Name Generator Directory Wizard's Online Name Generator for D&D
Jamis Buck Generators
Treasure Generator 2
Town Generator
NPC Generator
Dungeon Generator
NPC Generator v2

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