Children of the Land

Be one with nature.  Do not let mortal emotions destroy your connection to the divine.  Life is a trial, be prepared.  Death is but the gateway back to life.
This is the creed of the Children of the Land.  This small sect was founded in the T'loric year -215 by a sorcerer who felt that the continuation of the Magewar would destroy Traykon.

Membership:  Druids, Rangers, and Nature Clerics sometimes find their way into this order's ranks.  These characters can freely multi-class between their former class and a monk Child of the Land.  Monks can become a Child of the Land at any time.  1st level Monks can begin play already having spent a portion of their pre-adventuring life within the order, having already passed the test.

Requirements:  A prospective member of the Children of the Land must first show their devotion to nature.  Senior members test the new members by taking them out in the wild areas of Traykon and leaving them with no food or supplies.  If the new member survives a month in these conditions, without getting "unnatural" aid, then they are accepted into the order.

Benefits:  All Children gain a resistance 2 to heat, cold, electricity, and water.  At 10th level, this resistance increases to 10.  When a Child reaches 20th level, they become immune to all forms of natural energy.  Their type becomes Outsider, with all the benefits and hindrances given in the Player's Handbook and Monster's Manual.

Children of the Land gain spell-like abilities as they advance in levels.  At 3rd level, a Child is able Jump as the spell up to 3 times per day.  At 5th Level, a Child gains the ability to Pass without Trace up to 3 times per day.  At 8th level, a Child can Levitate for up to 10 minutes per day.  At 10th level, a Child can Cure Disease with a touch up to 5 times per day.  At 13th level, a Child gains the supernatural ability of Deathwatch.  This ability is always active.  At 16th level, a Child can Fly for up to 1 hour per day.  At 19th level, a Child can Polymorph Self at will.

When a Child of the Land reaches 20th level and gains the Perfect Self ability, she also gains the ability to transform herself into a medium sized elemental once per day.  This transformation is an extension of her Polymorph Self ability.  The elemental form can be maintained by the Child for up to a number of hours equal to her wisdom modifier.  If the Child reverts to normal, then the ability is spent for the day no matter how much actual time was spent in the elemental form.

Losses:  Monks loose certain focus abilities once they join this order.  The Monk abilities Stunning Attack, Ki Strike, and Quivering Palm are forever lost due to the Child's harmony with nature. Additionally, a Child of Nature may never kill another living being.  To this end, a Child always does subdual damage when she strikes unarmed.  Children who use weapons only use weapons that do subdual damage.  Children who have gained one or more of these monk abilities before joining the Children must not ever use any of these abilities or loose all benefits of this Order.  If a Child ever kills a living being, the Child must Atone or loose all abilities of this Order's teachings.

Special:  The Children of the Land is a small order located mainly in the "less settled" regions of Traykon.  Although a Child will sometimes visit large villages and cities, they will never choose to live in one.  Their organization is very loose, with each member treating the other as their superior.  Children believe that they are forever striving to become one with nature and will always stop to listen to those who may have wisdom to impart.