Sacred Monk Orders

Monks are identical to those that appear in the Player's Handbook.  I have made no changes to the base monk statistics.  Instead, Monks are able to join one of the many monasteries that provide alternate paths to power.  Any monk may join one of the listed special orders if he meets the minimum requirements.  Most of these monasteries may be entered into as a novice monk.  Levels gained while following one of the monastiestic teachings are treated as prestige levels.

Monks following one of these teachings do not face the special restriction on multi-classing.  Whenever a level is gained in a special teaching, the monk gains abilities (base attack bonus, saves, skill points, and some class benefits) as if he had advanced a level of monk.  Each order has its own special powers gained as a monk grows stronger and each one has unique drawbacks.  Most of the Sacred Teachings of the Orders grow in power as the monk goes up in levels.  When a character goes up in a level, he must decide to go up as a regular monk or as a member of the Order.  "Order Levels" are separate from Monk levels because some monks may learn one Order's teachings only to move on to another's teachings at a later date.  It is possible for monks to follow multiple paths but there must be a year between the time a monk advances a level while learning one teaching and his advancement in another teaching.  Even if a monk abandons an order, all of the restrictions that have applied to him as well as the abilities lost still apply.  Some orders have the ability to freely multiclass as one or more other classes.  

Sacred Orders are listed on the following table.  The basic members, teachings, and losses are listed on the table.  If a monk looses his abilities due to loosing the Lawful alignment, all abilities gained for being an Order member is also lost.  Some Orders have special requirements that must be met before membership.  A more complete description of the Order and abilities may be found by clicking on the name.

The Order of the Crimson Way
     Membership:  Lawful Evil Monks
     Teachings:  Monk gains the Death Touch ability.  This ability is usable only once per day.
     Losses:  Purity of Body, Wholeness of Body, Diamond Body, Quivering Palm.
The Order of the Blue Rose
     Membership:  Lawful Evil Monks, Evil Barbarians, Thugs
     Teachings:  Crushing Strike ability.  The Monk can gain massive combat bonuses for a price.
     Losses:  No special losses.
Guardians of the Grave
     Membership:  Lawful Neutral Monks, Lawful Good Monks, Good Priests, Paladins, some Rangers
     Teachings:  Turn Undead ability.  The Monk can turn undead as if they were a priest of half their level.
     LossesKi Strike.
Children of the Land
    Membership:  Lawful Neutral Monks, Lawful Good Monks, Druids, Clerics of Nature Deities, some Rangers
    Teachings:  Several spell-like abilities.  Polymorph Self at will at high levels.
    Losses:  Quivering Palm, Ki Strike, Stunning Fist
The Silver Palm
     Membership:  Lawful Good Monks, Lawful Neutral Monks, Priests of Healing Deities, some Paladins
     Teachings:  Living Harmony ability.  The Monk can cure 1d6 points of damage per level.
     Losses:  Stunning Fist, Wholeness of Body.

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