Character Sheets for 3rd Edition

Use the navigation menu to the left to select the sheet you wish to view.  All sheets should open in this frame.  You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to view these sheets.  If you do not have it, click on the Adobe PDF image at the bottom of the menu and get the reader for free.  With Acrobat Reader 3 and up you have the ability to save or print the PDF within the frame.  Current version of Acrobat Reader as I am typing this is 7.

Due to the shear proliferation of custom character sheets placed on the internet, I have chosen to limit myself to hosting a small portion of these sheets for quick reference and ease.  However, I have hosted a wide variety of miscellaneous use and reference sheets as well as commonly used spell sheets.  I am always on the lookout for more of these types and will post them as I find them.  If you have a good spell or reference sheet (I am particularly looking for an updated Skill Compilation Sheet) then please email me with the sheet so I may make it available.  

For a thorough search of player created sheets, I advise people to check RPGHost Sheet Database as they have an extensive database of character sheets.  If you are not satisfied with what I have available, look there next.