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King Drekor Sunkenfist

Male Stone Dwarf Ftr16: CR 16; Medium Humanoid (Dwarf)
HD 16d10+32(Fighter) ; hp 130; 
Init +5; 
Spd 20; 
AC:29 (Flatfooted:28 Touch:12); 
Atk +17/12/7/2 base melee, +17/12/7/2 base ranged; 
SQ: +1 Attack vs. Orcs and Goblinoids, +2 Appraise (Stone and Metal Items), +2 Craft (Stone and Metal Items), +2 Saves vs. Poison, +2 Saves vs. Spells and Spell-like Effects, +4 Dodge Bonus to AC vs. Giants, Darkvision (Ex): 60 ft., Stability (Ex), Stonecunning (Ex), Weapon Familiarity (Ex); 
SV Fort +12, Ref +6, Will +9; 
STR 12, DEX 12, CON 15, INT 14, WIS 18, CHA 14.

Skills: Climb +5, Craft (Armorsmithing) +2, Craft (Blacksmithing) +2, Craft (Metalworking) +3, Craft (Stonemasonry) +2, Craft (Weaponsmithing) +2, Diplomacy +8, Handle Animal +12, Intimidate +12, Jump -2, Profession (Miner) +6, Ride +12, Swim +4. 

Feats: Armor Proficiency: heavy, Armor Proficiency: light, Armor Proficiency: medium, Cleave, Dodge, Great Cleave, Greater Weapon Focus, Greater Weapon Specialization, Improved Critical: Sword, bastard, Improved Initiative, Improved Overrun, Improved Shield Bash, Improved Sunder, Mobility, Leadership, Power Attack, Shield Proficiency, Simple Weapon Proficiency, Weapon Focus: Sword, bastard, Weapon Specialization: Sword, bastard.

Weapons: +2 Crossbow, heavy (8,350 gp); +3 Sword, bastard (18,335 gp).
Armor: +2 Full plate (5,650 gp).
Shields: +3 Shield, heavy steel (9,170 gp).
Magic: Ring: Protection +1 (2,000 gp); Wondrous: Amulet of Natural Armor (+2) (8,000 gp).

King Drekor is the last surviving son of the last king of the Stone Dwarves.  He rose to power amid a bloody war with the inhabitants of the vast dark and managed to drive many hostile subterranean races further away from Stone Dwarf communities.  Well loved by his people, King Drekor Sunkenfist rules with the same distrust of other races that his forbearers held and with the exception of Rock Gnomes and a single Hobgoblin settlement, they do not deal with surface races at all.

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