The Republic of Yarr is the largest kingdom in the northeastern continent.  The government of Yarr consists of a grand council that creates a codified set of laws.  The council consists of 24 seats, each member elected from one of the major cities, plus Lord Minix himself as the elected Consul for life and the High Priests of Arum, T'lor, and Tyr as well.  Each council member is elected by a vote of the citizens residing in the city once every 10 years.  Lord Minix, as the elected ruler of the kingdom, heeds the voice of the council but still wields near total power within the kingdom.  Minix commands the armies of Yarr and directs the Justicars that enforce those laws.

The Justicars of Yarr are feared for their power and mystique.  Lord High Marshal Garak rules the Justicars with an iron fist.  The Justicars enforce the laws and carry out the will of the ruling council.  Lord High Marshal Garak is a priest of Tyr and was said to have formed the Justicars following Tyr's own plan long before Yarr was formed.

The Kingdom of Yarr's Recognized Boundries and Cities


In the year 471, King Minix was crowned the ruler of Yarr.  His small kingdom was a disappointment to the ambitious young King.  Sources close to the crown say that the young king wanted to expand his domain but had longstanding peace treaties will all of his neighbors.  Historians and gossip-mongers alike were all prepared to record Minix's reign as banal and unmomentous.

In the year 498, tensions along his northeastern border with the badlands erupted as a small horde of goblins streamed into Yarr.  The goblins looted and pillaged everything they came across.  Minix had only a small army at this point.  Years of relative peace and prosperity made his kingdom ripe for bandits and raiders like these goblins.

It was at this time that Minix was granted a "vision" from the gods.  Minix told close friends and advisors that a deity had visited him in the night while he slept.  Theologians believe that it was either the avatar of Arum or the avatar of Tyr that visited Minix that night.  The vision that they gave to him was one of a vast kingdom, joined together under the common flag of Yarr and ruled by Minix himself.  That night, the deity place into his mind the "blueprints" of this new republic and blessed him by granting him divine right to rule as the Lord of this new Yarr.

Two years later, Minix's dream began to come true as the ruler of northern kingdom of Valin died without an heir and the council of elders looked to Minix to lead in the interim and quell internal strife.  Minix proposed his new republic to the council and Valin became the second state of the Republic of Yarr.  Over the next several years, most of the surrounding baronies joined Yarr in this new republic.  Still, Minix's dream of a grand empire was not realized until the great war of 520.  Yarr was at war with its north western neighbor, Pakulle.  The King of Pakulle had hired Hobgoblin mercenaries to harry Yarr's forces and disrupt supply lines along Yarr's borders.

Duke Isor held a small barony to the south of Yarr and was a buffer between Yarr and the city-state of Blacksway.  Lord Minix new that any hopes he had of a powerful republic would be dashed if he couldn't get these two powerful entities to join his republic.  To secure Isor's aid, Minix sent tribute in the form of one hundred thousand gold pieces to Isor to entice him into joining the war against Pakulle.  The hobgoblin mercenaries learned of the deal and overtook the emissaries stealing the gold as well as the message asking for Isor's aid.  Luckily for Minix, a group of adventurers managed to slay most of the hobgoblins and send the message to Isor.

Isor was enraged that the hobgoblin mercenaries would strike within his domain and steal something that rightfully belonged to him.  Isor's highly trained bowmen joined Yarr's army at the front line and Isor's barony became the nineteenth state of the Republic of Yarr.  Once Isor joined Minix, he had enough force of arms to defeat Pakulle and take the kingdom by force.

Three years later, Blacksway joined the republic giving Yarr an iron hold in the center of Traykon.  The price of their joining was no Justicars within their lands, a restriction that Minix agonized over before acceding to.  The only kingdoms that could threaten Yarr were far away, giving Minix a sense of security.  Heading his divine vision, Minix began sending "diplomatic" missions to the surrounding kingdoms to invite them into the republic.

It was one of these failed missions that sparked the war between Kashagar and Yarr.  Rumor has it that the daughter of one of Kashagar's Druids is imprisoned in Yarr for thievery.  Since Yarr has a "unique" way of handling prisoners, the druid demanded his daughter be returned.  When the envoy told him the sentence given to her by the Justicars, the druid struck him dead.  Minix was so outraged that he mobilized his forces and began to march to Kashagar to enact justice.


Aolorn:  The center of the republic and one of the largest cities on Traykon.  The city of Aolorn is a thriving metropolis that houses the government bureaucracy as well as the Grand Cathedrals of both Arum and T'lor. Lord Minix's old palace has been rebuilt into a grand palace that houses the leader of the republic as well as hundreds of special guards and servants.  The population of the city is always in flux as merchants, dignitaries, and visitors from all over the land visit to see the wonders of the great city.  The permanent residents in the city number over forty thousand including the resident bureaucrats and soldiers.

Rovven:  A city situated at the location where the great Aeronate River splits and forms the Dianu and Emerate rivers.  Due to it's location, it is a bustling trade city that sees it's share of exotic merchants and traders.  Within the walled palisades of the city resides over fourteen thousand hearty souls who tend to the needs of the river trade.  Although the laws in Yarr are strict, a thriving black-market exists in this city and nearly anything can be bought or sold here for those courageous enough to brave the wrath of the Justicars.

Flahstown:  Fortuitously located at the fork of the Dianu river where the Silver River dumps into the larger river, Flahstown was originally a trade outpost that catered to those who brought their fish upstream from the lake to sell in larger cities along the Dianu's main causeway.  Recently, Flahstown has experienced an amazing growth due to the discovery of a pungent violet flower growing in the forest west of town that is being cultivated for it's sweet aroma used in making perfumes.  

Important Groups Within Yarr

Justicars:  The "special police" of Yarr, these individuals are gifted with the divine ability to place the Mark of Justice upon the guilty and condemn them to Yarr's justice.  Tyr is one of the patron gods of Yarr and the Justicars are his special enforcers granted to Yarr due to their devout worship of him.  Originally holy knights from a small barony, shortly after the inclusion of the barony into Yarr they began spreading their divine gifts throughout the entire kingdom of Yarr.  Lord Minix recognized their divine authority and granted them special rank within the government that places their authority over any others in regards to enforcing the laws.  Their only limitation is their inability to interfere with the two other state sponsored religions.  The High Priest of Tyr has decreed that they are to stay out of the affairs of the priests of Arum and T'lor no matter the provocation.

Items of Importance

The Spire:  Where the Kings Road meets the Marshal's highway, a large guard tower stands as a constant warning to Yarr's enemies that it is ever vigilant.  The Spire was originally built to watch over the eastern border but the border has moved since then.  Now, it serves as the largest garrison of Yarr's army.  Literally, two thousand soldiers occupy The Spire normally at all times with the capacity to house ten times that number in times of emergency.