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NPC GeneratorDon't have the time to come up with the stats for your local baron?  Need a quick bar room full of people for a brawl?  This program doesn't allow for customizing an NPC before print but it calculates everything from stats to skills.  It even contains the information for Dungeon Master Guide, Monster Manual, and Creature Collection races.  The only thing it doesn't calculate is the NPC's equipment.
NPC Generator v2.0.5This NPC generator program generates motivational background information for the NPC as well as having the ability to just generate the "stat block" for quick reference.
PC GeneratorThis is a quick PC generator program.  Personally, I don't use it.  I prefer to work out the kinks on paper.  Then again, for those who take hours to figure out what they want, then this program can be a lifesaver when you are short on time.
Redblade 3.5E Character Creator (offsite)Although I haven't tried this program, it comes highly recommended.  The creators of this program host an online forum for development news, suggestions, and bug reporting.  Go to their official website for more information.
Prostitute GeneratorThat's right, someone took the Netbook of Sex and wrote a couple programs from it.  I haven't used this for my games, but it may be interesting for those players who "get the itch."

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