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Excel Worksheets

Random NPC GeneratorThis Excel worksheet randomly generates NPCs for your campaigns.  NPCs are complete with spell lists and items.  This is a good worksheet but you have to have a working knowledge of excel to customize the character you want.
Random Item Generator Two good Excel spreadsheets for generating treasure.  One is an mundane art object and gem generator and the other is a simple magic item generator.
Demographics Generator A decent excel workbook that allows for quick city and town population generation.  This is a good resource for a Dungeon Master creating a campaign world.  
Traveler's Aid This worksheet allows either players or dungeon masters to calculate traveling times across distances.  It is a good resource for campaigns where the characters have to travel a lot.
Complete Generator Pack  This is the complete package of Excel Workbooks created by Justin R. Germino.  Compiled here for ease.  Last updated on 07/17/02.
Quick Experience Calculator Just for those nights when you are too tired to figure out how much experience to give, this spreadsheet provides quick party and monster input to allow for fast generation for the restless players.
Running Experience Calculator This experience calculator allows you to add up the various encounters through an adventure and keeps a running tally of the total experience to be awarded to the players.  It is a nice, handy utility to have around if you throw a lot of random encounters into the mix.

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