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Miscellaneous Programs

E-ToolsWizard's official product licensed out for Code Monkey Publishing to develop and complete.  Although the program isn't free, it is well worth the investment.
IZ Dice RollerThis is a great program that you can make custom rolls with. It also has the added benefit of being customizable. You can also make log files of your rolls. A truely handy utility if you want to make truly random rolls for character stats.
Guild BuilderCreate a thieves guild in minutes. I wouldn't call this program revolutionary but it gets the job done. It is worth the download.
3.5E DM Helpers v2.5A series of programs containing a Town generator, Jump Calculator, Experience Calculator, Stat Calculator, Exp/ Level Benefits Calculator, Triangulation Calculator, Dice Roller And Others (Requires .NET framework to work correctly)
Ever-changing Book of NamesA small program that is useful for generating quick name lists.
The RiddlerA good riddle creation program for tabletop gaming when you need something quick.
Treasure GeneratorWindows based Treasure Generator for 3rd Edition.  A really good program.
Treasure Generator 2Another Windows based Treasure Generator.  This one is updated to 3.5 and selects treasure by CR.
Graph Paper PrinterGraph Paper Printer is an application designed to print numerous kinds of graph papers, music manuscripts and pattern papers, with user-defined sizes and colors.
Monster DB v4.1 MonsterDB is a front-end for a monster database. It was created to allow quick and easy reference to all the monsters in d20 System Reference and other sources once added.

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