The Fey

The Isle of Arcadia has stood been the home of "fairy" races since the beginning of recorded history in Traykon.  In the early history of Traykon, this island was open to all visitors and the Sidhe who ruled it welcomed visitors as a friendly distraction.  In -24318 (T'loric), human raiders struck the island and looted as much wealth as they could carry.  The local inhabitants were introduced to rape and murder for the first time in their own history.  The Sidhe expelled the few Elves who still remained in Arcadia and began to outline plans to protect their island home from further desecration. In -24056 T, ancient magic was used to shroud the island in an impenetrable mist.  A few remaining elves and humans visiting the isle were locked away with the three dominate races of the fairy isle.  This self imposed isolation was supposed to exist for all time.

After The Sending, the mist that protected the island has begun to disperse and weaken.  Unless the Sidhe find a way to recreate the ancient magic that once sealed away their domain, they will once again actively be participating in Traykon's history.  Some inhabitants of Arcadia do not see the need for the further isolation.

NOTE:  Player's who want to play one of the fairy races should only be able to do so if the DM is beginning the campaign on the island of Arcadia.