The Yingil are a forest dwelling race found only in Arcadia.  Short and stout, with only four fingers on each hand and four toes for each foot.  They seldom grow over four feet tall and weigh from 60 to 80 pounds.  Shades of brown is the normal hair color for a Yingil with amber, blue, green, or yellow eyes being the most common.  Traditionally, a Yingil will braid their hair when they pass a certain milestone in their life.  Those with very active lives, great heroes, or those who have survived great hardship are easily recognized by their many braids.  

Do to their diminutive size, humanoids often consider them slow and ungainly but this is just an appearance as Yingil have excellent manual dexterity.  Yingil appear somber and very seldom grow agitated or excited.  The average Yingil is an excellent craftsmen and even their tools are works of art.  Yingil usually dress in bright colored clothing with wild patterns. Yingil children reach maturity (socially) around age 30 but physically mature about 5 years prior.  The average life expectancy of a healthy Yingil is around 250 years but some have been known to surpass 300 years of age.

Yingil's civilization has evolved around the spoken word.  Written documents are rare and is normally only used when communicating over long distances between clans or with other races.  Due to this oral tradition, the word of a Yingil is considered their sacred bond and the breaking of an oath is considered a serious offense.  Despite this, Yingil seldom speak directly, often using subtlety and omission for fear of obligating themselves to something.  Someone questioning a Yingil must be very direct as verbal evasion and trickery is one of their great arts.  However, once a Yingil's word is given on a subject, they are honor bound to fulfill the bargain.  Criminals and those who have been disgraced normally cut their hair short in an attempt to "start again" in society.

As a race, Yingil are organized into clans.  Each clan lives in a certain area of Arcadia and all of the clans trade and intermarry without strife.  Once a Yingil has underwent courtship and is married, they normally settle into one area and are then considered one of that clan (if it was not their birth clan).  The Yingil are a friendly race who will open their home to aid strangers.  Yingil laws are very loose and personal freedom is respected while the need for law is understood.  Civilized discussion is used to settle disputes and crime is rare within the culture.  Outsiders who commit crimes are at first reasoned with, then asked to leave if they do not succumb to reason.  Only if the outsider becomes or threatens violence will the Yingil resort to such measures, of which they are very capable.

Yingil use three names.  The first name is the name of the family and with the small size of most Yingil families, confusion seldom occurs.  This name is used socially and is often used formally within a clan.  The second name is the clan name and is shared by all Yingil families who live in the same settlement.  This name is rarely used, only when one is traveling far from home, between clans, and to outsiders.  The third name is a personal name.  This name is only used by those intimate with the Yingil and use of this name in public or for introductions is considered an embarrassment.