Favored Enemy Alternatives

When a ranger gains a new favored enemy, he may instead choose to gain one of the following special abilities instead.  These abilities cannot be gained by a first level ranger.  Some of these abilities have prerequisites of their own.

Find the Path:  This ability allows the ranger to unerringly know the direction and best path towards his destination.  Once per week, the ranger may make a Wisdom check (DC 15), if successful he may, for the next 24 hours, travel the most direct route to any destination no matter if the path is known to him or not.  This ability is invaluable to expeditions into unknown territory or adventuring bands who are trying to find a "lost" ruin.  In order to use this ability, the ranger must have some clue as to the location of his destination.  A ranger cannot simply say, "I will go to the nearest Grey Elf city if he doesn't know of a specific city.  DMs are encouraged to use the Teleportation rules for finding a specific site.  Although this ability leads you in the right direction, ignorance can still lead you astray.

Feral Rage:  Whenever a ranger is confronted by his favored enemy, he can choose to go into a feral rage.  While in this state, the ranger has the same effects as if he was experiencing a Barbarian Rage.  This ability may only be evoked when the ranger's favored enemy is nearby.  The ranger will attack the favored enemy first and will only go to other targets if he cannot attack a favored enemy or all favored enemies are dead.  This ability is usable a number of times per day equal to the ranger's constitution modifier.  Rangers who have the Rage ability from another class cannot benefit from the Feral Rage ability.

Speak with Animals:  The ranger has gained the supernatural ability to Speak With Animals.  This ability is always active but the ranger must concentrate in order to be able to understand what animals are saying.  For the most part, animals perceive their surroundings much differently than players would, therefore a squirrel might be useful in questioning about a nearby mounted patrol... if it isn't distracted too much by the hawk that was flying around.  Also, animals can't count.  Asking a badger how many people passed by earlier is likely to get a response equating to "more than me."

Weapon Specialization:  (Requirements:  +10 Base Attack Bonus, Weapon Focus in weapon, Int 15+.)  Due to the militaristic life that some rangers lead, they have gained an intrinsic understanding of the use of weapons of war.  When this ability is chosen, the ranger gains +2 to damage from a specific weapon.  This ability is identical to the Fighter's Weapon Specialization ability.

Marksmanship:  (Requirements:  Point Blank Shot, +3 Base Attack Bonus, Wilderness Lore 8+ Ranks)  Some rangers live their life far from civilization and must rely upon skill to feed themselves and others.  A few rangers have become so skilled at ranged attacks that they have become legendary with their skill.  This ability allows a ranger to gain an extra +1 competency bonus to attacks.  Unlike Point Blank Shot, this ability is usable up to 60 feet.  Rangers who take this ability must specify one range weapon that they excel with.  Once the choice is made, it can never be changed.

Divine Will:  Due to the ranger's devout nature, he can now use items as if he was a Druid of equal level.  This ability cannot be chosen if a ranger already has levels in Druid.  If a ranger later takes a level of Druid, this ability ceases to function.

Stalking:  While in wilderness settings, the ranger gains a +5 competency bonus to tracking, Hide checks, and Move Silently skill checks.  If the ranger is accompanied by someone other than another ranger, or rogue, these bonuses don't apply.  A ranger must be at least 20 feet away from other party members for these bonuses take effect.

Brew Healing Elixir:  Once per day, a ranger may brew a potent healing elixir.  In order to brew the potion, the ranger must be able to spend at least 1 hour collecting herbs and other "ingredients."  After the items are collected, the potion must brew for at least one hour.  At the end of this time, the potion may be drank to heal up to 2d6 damage and acts as a Slow Poison spell for 24 hours.  If the elixir is imbibed two people, each person heals 1d4 damage.  If more people imbibe the elixir, up to 8 people, then they all heal one point of damage.  If the elixir is split by more than 8 people, the potion is too diluted and will have no effect.  If the elixir is imbibed by one person for at least three days, it also acts as a Cure Disease and Neutralize Poison spell.  Once brewed, the elixir can be kept potent for 48 hours.  After this time, the elixir becomes inert and only has the effect of tasting bad.

Coordinated Attack:  A ranger has become adept at fighting with his animal companion.  In order to use this ability, a ranger and his animal friend must travel together for at least a month.  When the ranger decides to coordinate his attack, he gives the companion a predetermined signal.  Both ranger and animal make a single melee attack rolls against a single target.  One of the attackers gains a flanking bonus to their attack.  If both strikes are successful, the damage is rolled as if both scored a critical hit.  If a critical hit is indicated on the dice roll, damage from that is doubled.  This ability has no effect on creatures that cannot be affected by critical hits.

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