The following treasures are all classified as “armor.”  These include , in addition to full suits of armor, individual components such as helmets and gauntlets. Shields are also included in this category.

1. Chainmail of the Defender

Appearance: This chainmail shows signs of a deadly battle.  The upper left chest area of the armor is horribly scarred with a 4” section missing. Around the area is dried blood. Burn marks mar the back of the armor. A dozen green and white gemstones are set into the armor’s gauntlets which are of the “fingered” design most popular amongst warriors.  The gauntlets connect and are held to the armor with a series of small chains.

Appraise Information: DC 12.

This is common chainmail, other than the emeralds and pearls used in the gauntlets. The damage to the armor could be repaired but, as it is, the value of the armor comes solely from the gemstones.  Value: 3,060 gp (3,000 gp for the emeralds, and 60 gp for the pearls). If the armor was repaired the value would be increased by 150 gp.  

Special Rules: The damage this armor has suffered has reduced its armor bonus to +3. Weight: 40 lbs.

2. "Crusader" Helmet

Appearance: This heavy helmet provides the wearer with complete facial protection and was designed to be worn over smaller, lighter helmets. The helmet visor raises and lowers and the joints are adorned with a single blue gemstone on each side of the helmet. Heavy metal chain hangs down from the helmet and protects the neck and shoulders of the wearer.

Appraise Information: DC 12. This is a fairly common helmet worn by knights and paladins. It is built of steel. The gemstones are blue garnets. Value: 49 gp (25 gp for the helmet and 12 gp for each gemstone).

Special Rules: This heavy helmet increases all Spot and Listen DCs by 3. Weight: 9 lbs.

3. Dark Elf Buckler of the Spider

Appearance: This small metal shield is extremely light and the straps are made of a silky material that is strong and resists attempts to cut it with any non-magical blade. A silvery metal spider’s web pattern covers the face of the buckler.

Appraise Information: DC 15.  The buckler is constructed of a mithril/steel composite metal that gives it increased strength and keeps it lighter than the average buckler. The straps are made of a rare spider’s web that can only be cut with enchanted blades. The pattern on the face is quite detailed and is made of polished steel.

Value: 1,040 gp (15 gp for the buckler, 500 gp for the mithril, 225 gp for the spider’s web straps, 150 gp for the artistic qualities, and 150 gp for masterwork).

Special Rules: The armor check penalty is reduced to 0.  Weight: 2 lbs.

4. Dragon Helm

Appearance: A heavy helmet shaped like a dragon’s head that covers most of the wearer’s head (but not the face). The Dragon Helm is constructed of metal and leather and, at a distance, appears to be the actual head of a young dragon.  This helmet fits humans and other medium-sized creatures without difficulty.

Appraise Information: DC 14. A helmet of supreme beauty and marvelous construction, the Dragon Helm is a unique piece built hundreds of years ago. Each individual metal scale is made of electrum, the teeth are silver, and the horns are gold-plated copper. The eyes of the dragon are aquarmarine gemstones.

Value: 13,500 gp (10,000 gp worth of leather and electrum, 2,500 gp for the superb craftsmanship and silver teeth, and 500 gp for each gemstone).

Special Rules: This heavy helmet increases all Spot and Listen DCs by 4. Wearing the helmet for any length of time is tiring and puts a g reat deal of strain on the wearer’s neck.  All Strength and Constitution checks suffer a -2 circumstance penalty when the helmet is worn. Weight: 36 lbs.

5. Dwarven Half-Plate of Mithril

Appearance: The chainmail of this armor is a gray metal while the plates are a polished, almost silver metal. The gauntlets include wicked dozens of wicked black metal spikes and each one includes a golden metal lightning bolt design inlaid into the forearms. The leather straps of the armor are red in color and all of the buckles are also polished metal. The armor is too small for a man and obviously intended for a dwarf or other small humanoid.

Appraise Information: DC 14. This suit of armor is comprised mainly of mithril. It was crafted a thousand years ago in the great dwarven forges that once burned deep beneath the earth. The metal lightning bolt design is created from threads of solid gold and the leather is fashioned from the wings of an ancient dragon. The armor is extremely valuable and, if worn, a signature of a higher station.

Value: 16,130 gp (600 gp for half-plate, 5 gp for spiked gauntlets, 15,000 gp for the mithril, 100 gp for the lightning bolt design, 275 gp for the dragon leather, and 150 gp for masterwork).

Special Rules: As masterwork armor the armor check penalty of this suit is reduced by 1. In addition, the mithril used gives the armor an armor bonus of +7 while its light weight gives it a maximum Dex bonus of +1. Weight: 43 lbs.

6. Gauntlets of Aboz Ki'karan

Appearance: These armored gauntlets are human-sized and of the “mitten” variety and thus are not fitting for those requiring fine use of their fingers. A single white gemstone is set into the back of each gauntlet. The gauntlets have been kept in excellent condition, cleaned frequently and properly and show only minimal signs of wear.

Appraise Information: DC 15. These gauntlets are constructed of mithril sheets that are secured to the steel chain glove with iron rings. The gemstones are white jade.  Value: 858 gp (8 gp for the gauntlets, 150 gp for masterwork, 100 gp for each gem, and 500 gp for the mithril).

Special Rules: The “mitten” nature of the gauntlets forces a circumstance modifier of -4 on all Dexterity checks.  Weight: 1 lb.

7. Gray Banded Mail

Appearance: This otherwise normal suit of banded mail is gray in color with red feathers decorating the “fingered” gauntlets. A large eye symbol, in metal, is sewn to the chest of the armor.

Appraise Information: DC 12. The feathers are those of a rare bird found in the southern jungles. The metal eye is made entirely of platinum. The armor itself is exceptionally well made.

Value: 535 gp (250 gp for the armor, 35 gp for the eye symbol, 100 gp for the feathers, and 150 gp for masterwork).

Special Rules: As masterwork armor, the armor check penalty of this suit is reduced by 1.Weight: 35 lbs.

8. Halfling's Shield

Appearance: This small, wooden shield, is custom designed for halflings. It’s a round shield with two leather straps. A green wolf is painted on the front of the shield. The shield is covered in countless nicks and scratches and one side of it has stopped a large, powerful axe blow at some time in the past. The shield seems heavy for its size.

Appraise Information: DC 12. The shield is constructed of steel with a false wooden covering.

Value: 309 gp (9 gp for the shield and 300 gp for masterwork).

Special Rules: As a masterwork shield, the armor check penalty of this suit is reduced by 1 (making it a 0 for this shield). This masterwork bonus applies to halflings only.  Weight: 6 lbs.

9. Koralek's Jeweled Helm

Appearance: This large metal helmet is visored with a grill-like facial guard.The black helmet is finely etched with gold-colored patterns though some have worn away with age. A single black stone is mounted on the right visor hinge while there is an empty space for a similar stone on the left hinge.

Appraise Information: DC 15. This steel helmet is a masterwork item, forged 350 years ago by a master armorsmith (his symbol can be seen along the inner edge of the helmet). The stone is obsidian.

Value: 185 gp (15 gp for the helmet, 20 gp for stone, and 150 gp for masterwork).

Special Rules: The visored helm increases all Listen and Spot DCs by 3. Weight: 5 lbs.

10. Micolai's Shield

Appearance: This large, spiked steel shield with black leather straps is decorated with a silver dragon that has been inlaid into the face. The edges of the shield are worn with age and some of the silver from the dragon design has been chipped away.

Appraise Information: DC 10. This is a rather common shield other than the silver used on the face. The leather is new, having been added in the past year, while the shield itself is around 100 years old. The spikes were added after the shield’s construction.

Value: 40 gp (20 gp for the shield, 10 gp for spikes, and 10 gp worth of silver in the design).

Special Rules: The spikes allow the shield to be used as a martial piercing weapon that deals 1d6 points of damage (x2 crit). Weight: 20 lbs.

11. Orcish Warlord's Half-Plate

Appearance: A suit of half-plate, the plates of the armor constructed from bones that have been tied together with leather straps. The knee, shoulder, and elbow guards are all built from humanoid skulls that have been reinforced with metal. “Commander,” in the orcish language, is written on the right shoulder protector of the armor.

Appraise Information: DC 13. This half-plate was the property of an orc warlord some 600 years ago. While it would be useful in combat its real value is as a collector’s item.

Value: 420 gp (600 gp for half-plate, 120 gp for the rarity, -300 gp for the poor craftsmanship).

Special Rules: The bones used in the construction of this half-plate armor make it slightly less protective than standard half-plate; the armor bonus is reduced to +6. Weight: 50 lbs.

12. Shield of the Falcon

Appearance: This small metal shield has a green-painted metal falcon embossed in the face and two red gemstones set into the falcon to represent eyes. The shield is in excellent condition and appears to be newly constructed. 

Appraise Information: DC 12. It is the adamantine this shield has been constructed of that gives it such a fresh look and it is, in fact, 800 years old. The falcon on the face is made of gold that has turned green with age and the gemstones are flawed rubies.

Value: 2,179 gp (9 gp for the shield, 2,000 gp for adamantine, 20 gp worth of gold, and 150 gp for each flawed ruby).

Special Rules: +1 armor enhancement bonus. Weight: 7 lbs.

13. Spider's Shell

Appearance : This suit of full plate armor is black in color and polished to a high shine. A finely etched spider’s web pattern covers the breastplate, shoulder protectors, and helmet of the armor. Gold striping wraps around the upper right arm. The left gauntlet of the armor is of the “ mitten” variety while the right is the easier to use “ fingered” style.

Appraise Information: DC 12. This armor, identified as “Spider’s Shell” by elvish writing on the inside of the breastplate, is fashioned of black mithril. The padding is of the highest quality and the craftsmanship of the armor is some of the finest ever seen. The armor is at least 600 years old.

Value : 15,750 gp (1,500 gp for full plate, 250 gp for the artistry and go l d, 500 gp per pound of mithril (28 lbs.).

Special Rules: As masterwork armor the armor check penalty of this suit is reduced by 1. In addition , the mithril used gives the armor an armor bonus of +9 while its light weight gives it a maximum Dex bonus of +2. Weight : 30 lbs.

14. Superior Leather Armor

Appearance: The boiled leather breastplate of this armor has been dyed black and a dozen shining ringlets across the right shoulder secure the thick, goblinskin shoulder protector to the breastplate.  There is no left shoulder protector.  The image of a flame, in red, has been painted on the center of the breastplate.

Appraise Information: DC 12. The fine craftsmanship of this armor is immediately apparent to almost all who study it. The leather of the breastplate is actually fashioned from the hide of a basilisk.

Value: 360 gp (10 gp for the leather armor, 200 gp for the basilisk hide, and 150 gp for masterwork).

Special Rules: The basilisk hide of this armor gives it an armor bonus of +3 (leather armor is usually +2) and the masterwork qualities reduce the armor check penalty by 1.  Weight: 15 lbs.

15. Wregan's Sallet Helmet

Appearance: This sallet helmet is of the close-fitting variety with the thin, open slit for viewing. The helmet is lightweight and finely decorated with a skull pattern inlaid on one side. The inside of the helmet is carefully padded with velvet making it comfortable to wear.

Appraise Information: DC 15. The helmet is constructed of mithril. The skull pattern is fashioned of cheap iron that has been carefully painted though it is of a high artistic quality.  The velvet padding, while a cheap velvet, does add some value to the helmet.

Value: 1,058 gp (15 gp for the helmet, 35 gp for the artistic qualities of the skull pattern, 1,000 gp for the mithril, and 8 gp for for the velvet padding).

Special Rules: The visored helm increases all Spot DCs by 3 while the thick, padded inside of the helmet increases all Listen DCs by 4. Weight: 2 lbs.