These treasures are finely-crafted clothes including sequined gloves, fashionable boots, beautiful cloaks, and stylish dresses.

1. Back Scabbard

Appearance: This scabbard is designed to be worn on the back, the weapon easily drawn while being worn. The leather belt that wraps about the wearer’s body is adjustable, making it suitable for most medium-size humanoids. The buckle of the belt, polished metal, is sculpted in the shape of a shark. The scabbard is constructed to hold a greatsword.

Appraise Information: DC 12. Made of rich, supple leather, this scabbard is fairly common among warriors. The buckle of the leather belt, made of silver, is the most valuable part of the scabbard.

Value: 43 gp (1 gp for the scabbard, 12 gp worth of silver and 30 gp for the artistry).

Special Rules: None. Weight: 2 lbs.

2. Cloak of the Spider

Appearance: This lightweight cloak shimmers in the light, at times appearing almost translucent. Polished metal clasps keep the cloak held securely about the wearer’s neck. The cloak and clasps are both resistant to damage and cannot be cut or burned with non-magical means.

Appraise Information: DC 20. The cloak is woven from the finest of spider silk and the silver clasps are actually made of mithril.

Value: 1,728 gp (8 gp for the cloak, 120 gp for the mithril clasps, and 1,600 gp for the finely woven spider silk).

Special Rules: None. Weight: >1 lb.

3. Dragonhide Boots

Appearance: These thigh-high boots are fashioned of dragonskin. Bright metal buckles and dark red leather straps are used to secure the boots when worn. The boots are impervious to fire and acid.

Appraise Information: DC 16. These masterwork boots are hundreds of years old. The metal buckles are silver.

Value: 158 gp (3 gp for boots, 200 gp for the dragonhide, 5 gp for the silver buckles, and 150 gp for masterwork).

Special Rules: None. Weight: 1 lb.

4. Cleric's Richly-Crafted Cassock

Appearance: A full-length, hooded garment, this cassock has wide sleeves and tight, cuffed wrists. The cassock is made of red velvet and lined with black silk and fine, white fur. The holy symbol of a god of good is embroidered into the right breast of the robe-like outfit.

Appraise Information: DC 12. This cassock must have been created for a nobleman’s personal cleric or priest or a higher member of a great church. It is too finely crafted to have been used by a more humble or adventurous cleric. The fur is that of a winter wolf.

Value: 377 gp (2 gp for the cassock, 200 gp for the velvet, 125 gp for the fur, and 50 gp for the silk).

Special Rules: None. Weight: 3 lbs.

5. Elegant Silver Gown

Appearance : An evening gown designed for a petite lady, this floor length gown shimmers beneath light. A dragon pattern is embroidered into the back of the gown, the wings wrapping around the dress and covering the front.  The high, frilly neck and lace along the cuffs makes it all the more stunning.

Appraise Information: DC 12. This dress is crafted of a silvery, metallic thread that makes it heavy and difficult to wear. The dress is in excellent condition and is roughly twenty years old.

Value: 550 gp (200 gp for royal outfit, and 350 gp for the silver thread).

Special Rules: Maximum Dex bonus of +4, armor check penalty of -2, and armor bonus of +1. Weight: 33 lbs.

6. Fur-Lined Boots

Appearance: These high leather boots, black in color, are lined with a rich black fur. The leather straps and metal buckles are in excellent condition.

Appraise Information: DC 16. These high leather boots are lined with yeti fur that has been dyed. The buckles are simple iron.

Value: 153 gp (3 gp for boots and 150 gp for the yeti fur).

Special Rules: None. Weight: 3 lbs.

7. Hydraskin Open Coat

Appearance: This richly-crafted open coat is knee length and designed to be worn open (to reveal whatever fine tunic or shirt the wearer is also wearing at the time). The fur lining of this coat makes it quite warm if worn indoors or in warmer months. The “slashed” sleeves of the coat are trimmed with small gold buttons, each one stamped with five small stars.

Appraise Information: DC 14. This coat, fashioned of hydraskin and lined with the fur of a barghest, is no more than five years old. The gold buttons (30 of them) are small but still add some value to the outfit.

Value: 212 gp (5 gp for the open coat, 125 gp for the hydraskin, 45 gp for the barghest fur, 12 gp worth of gold, and 25 gp for the artistry of the stitching and cut).

Special Rules: +1 bonus to Fortitude saves when faced with the possibility of cold danger. Acts as leather armor when worn. Weight: 21 lbs.

8. Leather Jerkin

Appearance: A long, black leather jerkin with leather laces on the sides and front so that the fit can be customized for each wearer. Small rusted metal studs decorate the shoulders.

Appraise Information: DC 12. This is a fairly common design, popular among nobles some 300 years ago. The style of the cut and the decoration are long out of style though historically-minded nobles would possibly wear it as a curiosity. The metal studs are simple iron.

Value: 17 gp (2 gp for the jerkin, 5 gp for the out-dated artistry, and 10 gp for historical value). When it was still new this jerkin would have been valued at 100 gp.

Special Rules: None. Weight: 4 lbs.

9. Leather Scabbard

Appearance: This fine leather scabbard is designed to fit a short sword. Seven red gemstones are affixed to the scabbard in a straight line, each one ringed with a dusting of tiny white crystal-like stones that sparkle when the sun hits them.  Black leather straps are used to tie the scabbard to the wearer’s leg and a complex metal locking system keeps the sword carefully sheathed. There is no sword. 

Appraise Information: DC 12. The gemstones are fragments of a star ruby while the smaller stones are diamonds.  The lock is made of silver and steel.

Value: 796 gp (1 gp for the scabbard, 85 gp for each star ruby fragment, and 200 gp worth of diamonds).

Special Rules: None. Weight: 1 lb.

10. Noble's Feathered Hat

Appearance: A richly-fashioned blue leather hat with a wide brim and single silver feather. A silver-colored silk band and silk lining make this a truly fashionable headpiece. 

Appraise Information: DC 12. The feather is that of an ancient giant owl and the silk is masterfully incorporated into the hat.

Value: 70 gp (5 gp for the hat, 40 gp worth of silk, and 25 gp for the feather).

Special Rules: None. Weight: >1 lb.

11. Noble's Tunic

Appearance: Made of supple leather and lined with velvet, this red tunic is certainly fashionable. Gold-colored stars are affixed to the tunic with small metal rivets.

Appraise Information: DC 12. The real value in this tunic is in the fine stitching and the gold-plated copper stars.  The rivets are made of silver.

Value: 53 gp (3 gp for the tunic, 10 gp worth of velvet, and 40 gp for stars and rivets).

Special Rules: None. Weight: 4 lbs.

12. Sealed Belt Pouch

Appearance: This pouch feels rubbery to the touch and it has a slight pinkish coloring. Otherwise it is identical to a standard belt pouch.

Appraise Information: DC 12. This pouch is made of the skin of a kraken. The design allows it to be completely sealed keeping the contents safe from water.

Value: 101 gp (1 gp for the pouch, and 100 gp for the kraken-skin).

Special Rules: None. Weight: 1 lb.

13. Sequined Gloves

Appearance: A pair of leather gloves with straps so that they can be tightened when worn. The gloves are covered in tiny sequins that sparkle in the light.

Appraise Information: DC 12. The sequins are false diamonds.

Value: 2 gp (1 gp for the gloves, 1 gp for the fine stitching, the sequins add no value).

Special Rules: None. Weight: >1 lb.

14. Spiked Collar

Appearance: An ornamental, leather color with short spikes.

Appraise Information: DC 12. The spikes are made of gold.

Value: 4 gp (1 gp for the collar and 3 gp for the gold spikes).

Special Rules: None. Weight: >1 lb.

15. Yeti Cloak

Appearance: A fine, white cloak covered in thick, white fur. The cloak is held closed at the neck with a bone clasp.  This heavy cloak would be useful in extremely cold temperatures.

Appraise Information: DC 12. Yeti fur sewn to a heavy canvas backing. The bone clasp is well made.

Value: 263 gp (8 gp for the cloak, 5 gp for the bone clasp, 100 gp for the artistry, and 150 gp for the yeti fur).

Special Rules: +2 bonus to Fortitude saves when faced with the possibility of cold danger. Weight: 2 lbs.