These mundane instruments are more elaborate and valuable than the usual variety of musical instrument. While not as useful as a magical instrument, these instruments are highly collectable and valuable to those who deal in fine treasures and antiquities.

1. Black Flute

Appearance: This flute is similar to all others of its type. The instrument is about 2 ft. long with eight holes and a thumb hole. It is constructed of a black, polished wood with bright silver trim.

Appraise Information: DC 12. This masterwork instrument is made of a rare oak that is found only in the arctic forests of the north. The silver trim is, in fact, silver-plated copper.

Value: 105 gp (100 gp for the masterwork flute, and 5 gp worth of silver trim).

Special Rules: None. Weight: 1 lb.

2. Dwarven Stone Drums

Appearance: Four large (24”) stone drums mounted to a wheeled cart that is designed to be pulled. The drums are ornamented with dwarven runes, silver and gold designs, and other minor artistic embellishments. The cart, constructed completely of stone, is in excellent condition. 

Appraise Information: DC 12. These masterwork drums were built thousands of years ago by master dwarven stonecutters. The original purpose of this cart was to be pulled at the head of a dwarven army as it set off to war.

Value: 16,475 gp (15 gp for the cart, 100 gp for each masterwork drum, 560 gp worth of silver and gold ornaments, and 15,500 gp for the dwarven craftsmanship of the drums and the cart).

Special Rules: None. Weight: 2,560 lbs.

3. Lute of the Ancient Elves

Appearance: The strings of this lute are semi-transparent and extremely strong. The instrument is 36” long with a thin wooden bowl and dark wooden neck. Elaborate scrollwork at the head of the neck and finely etched patterns in the bowl make this an attractive instrument.

Appraise Information: DC 15. The strings of this masterwork lute are strands spider’s web that has been carefully wrapped together to create each string. The spider’s web strings cannot be cut or broken by non-magical means.

Value: 300 gp (100 gp for the masterwork lute, 50 gp for the artistry, and 150 gp for the spider strings).

Special Rules: None. Weight: 4 lbs.

4. Mandolin of the Spider

Appearance: A small instrument, built of a thin wood and covered in a gold-colored web pattern. The neck of the instrument is black in color. 

Appraise Information: DC 12. A masterwork instrument richly decorated.

Value: 200 gp (100 gp for the masterwork lute, 25 gp worth of silver, and 75 gp for the artistry of the web pattern).

Special Rules: None. Weight: 3 lbs.