Rings, necklaces, broaches, ear rings, and other fine pieces of jewelry created for the wealthy.

1. Crown of the Medusa

Appearance: A hideous piece of art, this crown is large and heavy, with a dozen sculpted snakes rising in a ring around it. The snakes all leer forward, mouths open, metal teeth glistening. The eyes of the snakes are small green gemstones with only a few (2d4) missing.

Appraise Information: DC 15. This crown is constructed from electrum while the snakes are all made of silver-plated copper. The emeralds are small and near-perfect with only a few imperfections in each one.

Value: 10,500 gp (1,500 gp for the electrum crown, 650 gp for each snake, and 50 gp for each emerald). Reduce the value by 50 gp per missing emerald.

Special Rules: Wearing the crown for any length of time is tiring and puts a g reat deal of strain on the wearer’s neck.  All Strength and Constitution checks suffer a -2 circumstance penalty when the crown is worn. Weight: 22 lbs.

2. Dragon Broach

Appearance: A 4” round gold broach in the shape of a dragon’s head.

Appraise Information: DC 14. This broach, while gold in color, is simply gold-plated iron.  The true value of the broach comes from the fine artistry involved in its manufacture.

Value: 126 gp (1 gp for the broach, 125 gp for the craftsmanship and artistry).

Special Rules: None. Weight: 1 lb.

3. Elvish Ring

Appearance: A gold ring with beautiful engravings of plants and flowers. Inside the band is written “With Love” in elvish.

Appraise Information: DC 12. This elvish ring is more than a thousand years old. It is the style of ring used in elvish weddings.

Value: 430 gp (10 gp for the ring, 420 gp for the age and artistry).

Special Rules: None. Weight: >1 lb.

4. Glowing Ring

Appearance: A bright, polished, human-sized ring manufactured of metal. The ring has no markings and is a simple band with no gems or ornamentation. In the dark, when worn, the ring glows faintly, giving off just enough light to see in a 1 ft. radius around the ring.

Appraise Information: DC 16. The ring is constructed of a rare metal, Glow Steel, that can only be found deep underground.  Dwarves value the metal for its ability to glow when heated (the reason the ring glows when worn) and are always in search of the metal.

Value: 660 gp (10 gp for the ring, 650 gp for the rare metal).

Special Rules: None. Weight: >1 lb.

5. Griffin Pendant

Appearance: A 4” round, silver-colored pendant with the image of a griffin inlaid on one side in gold. This pendant hands from a long chain.

Appraise Information: DC 12. Constructed of silver and iron, the true value of this pendant comes from the sculpting and artistry. The chain is made of small steel rings.

Value: 81 gp (1 gp for the necklace, 5 gp for the pendant, and 75 gp for the artistry of the piece).

Special Rules: None. Weight: >1 lb.

6. Koralek's Crown

Appearance: A large golden crown with ten black gemstones set into the ring. The top edge of the crown is covered in wicked looking spikes.

Appraise Information: DC 15. The crown is made entirely of gold, spikes and all. The stones set into the crown are small obsidian pieces that have been carefully crafted and polished.

Value: 225 gp (75 gp for the crown and 15 gp for each stone).

Special Rules: None. Weight: 8 lbs.

7. Necklace of Nobility

Appearance: A chain necklace, silver, about 40” long.  The ends are permanently secured together with a golden amulet in the shape of a meteor or comet.

Appraise Information: DC 12. The necklace is fashioned of a mithril/silver composite metal that is extremely durable and heat-resistant. The amulet, made of gold, is completely solid.

Value: 295 gp (250 gp for the chain, 45 gp for the amulet).

Special Rules: None. Weight: >1 lb.

8. Ornamental Mask

Appearance: Human-sized and in the shape of a mind flayer, this costume party mask is light in weight and carefully made. The tentacles and “skin” of the mask feel rubbery to the touch while red gemstones set into the cheeks and the end of each tentacle add to the mask’s value (6 gemstones total). The mask is secured to the wearer’s face with thin silk strands.

Appraise Information: DC 12. The mask is made of the actual head of a mind flayer that has been preserved. The gems are small star rubies, each extremely valuable.

Value: 11,910 gp (4,300 gp for the mind flayer’s head, 1,250 gp for each star ruby, 10 gp for the silk, and 100 gp for the craftsmanship of the mask).

Special Rules: None. Weight: 12 lbs.

9. Silver Comb

Appearance: A woman’s comb, about 8” long, fashioned of a light-weight metal that’s dull and faded. A few of the comb’s teeth are broken.

Appraise Information: DC 12. This comb is made completely of silver.

Value: 5 gp. A pristine silver comb would sell for 15 gp.

Special Rules: None. Weight: >1 lb.

10. "Simple" Gold Band

Appearance: A gold ring without any ornamentation. A simple mark inside the band is the only thing marring the otherwise perfect shape and surface.

Appraise Information: DC 19. Upon closer study, it is revealed that this gold ring is, in fact, platinum plated in a thick layer of gold. The simplicity of the design is a superior form of artistry that not all can appreciate. The mark is that of a master jeweler who lived thousands of years ago.

Value: 205 gp. (2 gp for the ring, 53 worth of platinum, 150 gp for being crafted so long ago and by such a famous jeweler).

Special Rules: None. Weight: >1 lb.

11. Tentacle Ring

Appearance: A large gold ring with a single black gemstone set into an elaborate silver setting in the shape of an octopus (the tentacles hold the gemstone). The inside of the band has the word “Command” written in ancient elvish. 

Appraise Information: DC 12. This is a plain gold ring with an onyx. The craftsmanship of the ring, including the octopus carving, is some of the finest ever seen.

Value: 370 gp (120 gp for the ring, 200 gp for silver setting, and 50 gp for the onyx).

Special Rules: None. Weight: >1 lb.