These are deadly treasures. Masterwork swords and bows constructed ages ago for noble warriors, unique arrows with gemstone heads, and ornamental lances are just some of the items you’ll find in this category.

1. Black Sapphire Arrows

Appearance: Arrows with a highly polished staff and finely crafted black gemstone arrowheads.

Appraise Information: DC 12. The arrowheads are manufactured or black sapphire.

Value: 807 gp (7 gp for masterwork arrows, and 800 gp for the black sapphire arrowheads). The listed value is for 50 arrows.

Special Rules: Damage inflicted by black sapphire arrows is reduced to 1/2 when an arrow strikes an armored target.  When used against unarmored targets add 2 point of damages.  A missed shot destroys the arrow. Weight: 6 lbs/50 arrows.

2. Blade of Oskarbi

Appearance: This masterwork longsword is dull and rusted, the blade in a horrible state. A single black gemstone, cracked and nicked, decorates the handle of the weapon.

Appraise Information: DC 12. The gemstone is actually a piece of obsidian. Writing along the blade reads, faintly, “Oskarbi.”

Value: 340 gp (15 gp for the sword, 25 gp for the obsidian piece, and 300 gp for masterwork). The weapon’s value (in the current state) is only 50 gp.

Special Rules: Currently none. If the weapon were to be repaired the +1 bonus (masterwork) to attack rolls would be restored. Weight: 4 lbs.

3. Bogdashka's Greataxe

Appearance: This greataxe is constructed of the finest metals and its two blades were once carefully sharpened though they are now nicked and worn. The rest of the axe is also in a slight state of disrepair but it could be repaired by a master weaponsmith. A dark leather strap hangs from the handle, perfect for carrying the weapon.

Appraise Information: DC 12. The axe is a masterwork weapon, constructed hundreds of years ago. The strap is made of dragon wing.

Value: 420 gp (20 gp for the axe, 100 gp for the dragon wing strap, and 300 gp for masterwork). In the current state the value is only 120 gp.

Special Rules: Repairing the greataxe requires a day of time, 100 gp of materials, and a successful Craft (Weaponsmith) check (DC 15). Until repaired the weapon does not gain its masterwork bonus. Weight: 20 arrows.

4. Crystal Caltrops

Appearance: A dirty, unassuming bag. When opened, it reveals several items that look like normal caltrops except that they are fashioned from a fine crystal-like substance.  The bag contains 2 pounds of crystal caltrops.

Appraise Information: DC 15. These caltrops are, indeed, carved from crystal.

Value: 121 gp (1 gp for caltrops, and 120 gp for the crystal used in their manufacture).

Special Rules: None. Weight: 2 lbs.

5. Demon's Sword

Appearance: This two-bladed sword has black metal blades and a crimson hilt with six black gemstones set into the grip.

Appraise Information: DC 15. This weapon is constructed of a rare demonic metal found on another plane. The gemstones are petrified demon eyes while the crimson hilt is made of the bone of a devil.

Value: 9,990 gp (100 gp for the sword, 300 gp for masterwork, 765 gp for each petrified eye, and 5,000 gp for the rare metals).

Special Rules: +2 enhancement bonus to attack rolls (+1 for masterwork, +1 for the special metal). Weight: 30 lbs.

6. Dwarven Crossbow of Stone

Appearance: This is a heavy crossbow constructed of wood, metal, and stone. It’s much heavier than a usual heavy crossbow and finely decorated with dwarven runes, gold ornamentation, and four red gemstones.

Appraise Information: DC 15. This masterwork heavy crossbow was crafted hundreds of years ago by dwarven masters. The star rubies, mithril, and artistic qualities of the weapon greatly increases its value.

Value: 4,150 gp (50 gp for the crossbow, 300 gp for masterwork, 600 gp for the materials used in construction, and 800 gp for each star ruby).

Special Rules: +1 enhancement bonus to attack rolls (masterwork). Medium-size characters may not shoot or load this weapon with one hand. Weight: 33 lbs.

7. Green Blade

Appearance: A superior longsword, the blade a rich emerald in color. The handle and hilt of this weapon are also green, though of an even deeper shade that almost appears dark. Fine scrollwork is engraved into the blade.

Appraise Information: DC 12. A masterwork longsword fashioned by dwarvish weaponsmiths thousands of years ago. The metal of the blade is a superior quality mithril, even more durable than that mined in more recent years.

Value: 1,935 gp (15 gp for the longsword, 300 gp for masterwork, 120 gp for the scrollwork engraving, and 1,500 gp worth of mithril).

Special Rules: +1 enhancement bonus to attack rolls (masterwork). Weight: 3 lbs.

8. Koralek's Greatsword

Appearance: This massive sword gleams a bright silver under the light of the sun. The handle is finely etched with gold-colored patterns. A single black stone is mounted on the pommel of the weapon.

Appraise Information: DC 15. This greatsword is a masterwork item, forged 350 years ago by a master craftsman.  The stone is a flawed chunk of obsidian.

Value: 360 gp (50 gp for the sword, 10 gp for the stone, and 300 gp for masterwork).

Special Rules: +1 enhancement bonus to attack rolls (masterwork). Weight: 16 lbs.

9. Masterwork Flame Dagger

Appearance: The flame-like blade of this dagger and the small red gemstone set into the hilt make this a truly impressive weapon when it’s first seen. The blade is perfectly balanced and feels exceptional when held by a trained warrior.

Appraise Information: DC 12. This masterwork dagger is constructed of the finest steel. The gemstone is a garnet.

Value: 452 gp (2 gp for the dagger, 150 gp for the garnet, and 300 gp for masterwork).

Special Rules: +1 enhancement bonus to attack rolls (masterwork). Weight: 1 lb.

10. Noble's Duelling Blade

Appearance: A thin, light-weight blade of deep blue metal with a black metal handle and a small, silver-colored sword guard. The handle is carefully crafted to fit a human hand and is the heavier end of the weapon.

Appraise Information: DC 12. A dagger constructed or a rare electrum/mithril composite. The handle is made primarily of steel.

Value: 652 gp (2 gp for the dagger, 350 gp worth of mithril, and 300 gp for masterwork).

Special Rules: +2 enhancement bonus to at t a ck rolls (masterwork +1, mithril +1). Weight: 1 lb.

11. Orc Barbarian's Greatsword

Appearance: An evil, black weapon, longer and heavier than most other greatswords. The handle of this sword, 12” of solid metal, is adorned with small spikes and bright red gemstones.  A leather scabbard, designed to be worn on the back, carefully protects the blade from environmental harm.

Appraise Information: DC 12. This weapon is too fine to have been constructed by orcs. It was built, thousands of years ago, by a long-extinct race of evil humanoids. The metal used in its construction, a black form of adamantine, is rare and cannot be found any where on this world.

Value: 15,350 gp (50 gp for the sword, 15,000 gp worth of black adamantine, and 300 gp for masterwork).

Special Rules: +3 enhancement bonus to attack rolls (masterwork +1, black adamantine +2). Weight: 14 lbs.

11. Ornamental Long Bow

Appearance: A red wood longbow, decorated with gold trim and a dozen blue gemstones, each with a pale white stripe. The string of the bow is quite sturdy and the weapon is obviously functional as well as ornamental.

Appraise Information: DC 12. A dagger constructed or a rare electrum/mithril composite. The handle is made primarily of steel.

Value: 280 gp (75 gp for the bow, 15 gp for each banded agate, and 25 gp worth of gold trim and artistry).

Special Rules: None. Weight: 4 lbs.

12. Red Shuriken

Appearance: A small leather pouch held closed with a length of cord.  When opened, ten red-colored metal shuriken are found inside. Each is in the shape of a six-pointed star with a hole in the center and elaborate patterns engraved into the metal.

Appraise Information: DC 12. These mithril shuriken are painted a shiny red. The leather pouch and cord are far too common to be protecting such valuable weapons.

Value: 132 gp (1 gp for each shuriken, 100 gp worth of mithril, 20 gp for the artistry involved in crafting the weapons, and 2 gp for the pouch).

Special Rules: None. Weight: 1 lb.

13. Slayer of Evil

Appearance: A heavy warhammer, finely crafted and engraved with ancient runes. “Authority” is written on the handle in ancient dwarvish.

Appraise Information: DC 13. A masterwork warhammer, this weapon was constructed 500 years ago by the barbarian warlord who dominated the northern wastes during that time.

Value: 362 gp (12 gp for the hammer, 50 gp for the artistry of the engraved runes, and 300 gp for masterwork).

Special Rules: +1 enhancement bonus to attack rolls (masterwork). Weight: 10 lbs.

14. Spider Arrows

Appearance: A long, metal case secured with lengths of red silk that are knotted. When opened, the case reveals 5 arrows, each with a web pattern carved into the shaft. The arrowheads are silver in color and each ends in eight tiny needles. A bright crimson paste covers the tip of each needle.

Appraise Information: DC 15. The case is built of adamantine and is, itself, extremely valuable. The 50 arrows within, known as spider arrows, are rarely seen outside of the underground cities of the dark elves. Each arrow is coated with a dangerous poison that, even after remaining unused for hundreds of years, has retained its dangerous properties.

Value: 23,481 gp (1 gp for masterwork arrows, 4,600 gp per dose of poison (5 doses), and 480 gp for the case).

Special Rules: The poison is original to this book, rules below.

Hellstrike: This bright crimson paste is used as a contact poison but it can also be used to coat weapons or in eaten substances. The paste is made from the ground teeth of a slain demon that must be mixed with the blood of a second slain demon. Both demons must have been slain no more than three days before creating the poison or else it will not function.  The poison weakens the victim, draining Constitution one round after delivery and Strength three rounds later.

Craft DC Save DC Initial 
Injury  19  28  3d6 Con 2d6 Str  4,600 gp
Contact  21  25  2d6 Con 1d6 Str 4,400 gp

Weight: 19 lbs.

15. Two-Bladed Sword of Ceremony

Appearance: This massive two-bladed sword feels light.  The handle of this sword is incredibly detailed with fine scrollwork, and engravings of dragons, knights, and a sun.

Appraise Information: DC 12. This sword, fashioned of cheap steel that has been plated in a composite silver/mithril metal, is not combat-worthy.  While it is extremely detailed it is for cosmetic purposes only and would be a poor choice of weapon in a battle.

Value: 540 gp (100 gp for the sword, 40 gp worth of silver and mithril, 500 gp for the artistry, and -100 gp for worthlessness in battle).

Special Rules: If used in battle the sword breaks when it first strikes a target or is used to block a blow. Weight: 12 lbs.

16. Wregan's Heavy Lance

Appearance: Seven small skulls are engraved into the guard of this otherwise normal heavy lance.

Appraise Information: DC 12. This masterwork lance is, other than the finely engraved skulls and light materials used in its construction, identical to any other heavy lance.

Value: 335 gp (10 gp for the lance, 300 gp for masterwork, and 25 gp for the engravings).

Special Rules: +1 enhancement bonus to attack rolls (masterwork). Weight: 10 lbs.