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While still seen in Traykon, members of these races are often found only in specific areas or limited in their scope as adventurers. For instance, a game master would not allow someone to play a Halfling in an adventure taking place in the Empire.


Gnomes are a rare sight in Traykon and there are no subraces who have branched off from the main stock. Direct descendants of their fairy cousins, Traykon's Gnomes still have a primal and mystical connection to the deep forests. Adventuring gnomes are rare but sometimes wanderlust or a search for something more draws one out of their forest homes.

Plaing a Gnome


Halfings in Traykon were virtually wiped out. On the Western Continent, the Empire felt they were a nuisance and managed to slaughter them all. War and death claimed all the others on the eastern continent except for one group. In the northern steppes on the eastern continent of Traykon exists a thriving tribe of barbaric halflings who embraced pack life and contend for space against other tribes.

Playing a Halfling


Minotaurs in Traykon were the creation of magical experiments. While it is true some rogue individuals can be found lost in their private madness, most Minotaurs fled the Mage Wars of ancient Valislad and found a new home in the wilds of the eastern continent. As a consequence of the magical experimentation practiced upon this race, they have none of the "typical" resistances to certain spells and abilities but instead harbor a deep hatred for arcane magic and those who wield them.

Playing a Minotaur


While technically of the same race as the average troll, the Kalou Trolls have evolved as a tribe to sublimate their more savage characteristics in a directed evolution. At puberty, a member of this race can choose to subjugate their primal urges and instead evolve and grow as one of the more "enlightened" races. Thier savage nature is always there however and as they pass through life they must always subjugate their bestial self or risk becoming the monster of their past.

Playing a Kalou Troll