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Some items and information used by the Campaign don't seem to fit into any easy category or are large enough for their own section. These articles or game accessories are still important to gameplay and are included at the end of the Campaign section for ease of reference.

Lord Minix of Yarr

The story about the ascension of Lord Minix of Yarr to Lordship over the largest kingdom in eastern Traykon (only The Empire is larger).

Specialized Arrows

These 8 arrows are not found in normal campaigns or are not fully described in existing books or other texts.

The Complete Guide To Sanity

The Complete Guide To Sanity was originally a netbook created for 2nd Edition D&D. I've altered the netbook to fit in Pathfinder. An original copy of the netbook can be found HERE

The Game of Tarok

Tarok is a card game played almost exclusively by nobles. The game is based on Tarot cards which allows players of the game to also use their cards for divination and many other uses. Some (secret) societies will sometimes use Tarot cards as calling cards or as part of a complex code instead of for the game. Other uses of the cards are possible and will be covered in other sections. This section is just on the complicated process of the game.

Undead Guide

The Guide to Undead was originally created by Lenard Lakofka for 2nd Edition Dungeons and Dragons. I first came across the article and began using the contents shortly before 3rd edition came out and I have adapted the general information over time to the different versions for the campaign. It is now usable for Pathfinder or any other RPG since most specific spell information has been removed. What remains of specific spells and abilities are easily translated to other game systems.

Campaign Creations

Storm of Wrath

The Storm of Wrath is a spell created by the druids of Traykon in defense of Kashagar. This spell has no level as it is both a ritual spell and a divine miracle that can only be cast with the direct aid of a nature deity or the will of the land.

Undead Age Categories

Since many players learn the exact statistics of monsters over time, I wanted to add in some flavor to undead encounters. Thus arrived the Undead Age Categories in my campaigns.