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Traykon has several unique monsters. Although Dragons have their own section, other monsters will be collected here for quick reference.

Everyday Encounters

Elven War Horse CR 4

Breed by the L'sameliqu, the Wild Elves, these horses are heartier and live longer than any other breed of horse. They are treasures of the L'Sameliqu and outsiders are never allowed to possess one.

Plated Dragon CR 8

Sometime in the ancient past magical forces imbued a large land predator with the power of draconic blood. Although it has no spell like abilities or flight, these creatures are terrors on the open ground.

Denizens of the Mist

Below are monsters found within the Shadowlands and sometimes along the borders with Traykon. For the most part, they are never seen by living inhabitants but those who can see into the spirit world or those who enter the Shadowlands may encounter these creatures.

Mord Wraith CR 13

These divine messengers serve Ulan and are vital to the reclamation of souls.

Soul Eater CR 14

These amorphous incorporeal creatures are native to the Shadowlands. Without magical aid, they appear as simple fog drifting in the night winds. Only those who can detect undead, evil, or spirits are aware of these creatures.

Servants of the Eternity

These creatures are only encountered through the will of a god or by the actions of a divine intermediary.

Yenaldlooshi CR 14

These demon-like creatures are either new to the universe or have reappeared since the Elder Gods escaped from their prisons.